Sunday, October 24, 2010

The London Particular

One of the things I miss the most about America is the abundance of good coffee shops, therefore I was overjoyed to find that a brand new coffee and breakfast/lunch shop had opened up right down the street from my flat in London.The London Particular is the perfect place to meet up with your mates for a late morning breakfast and cappuccino; although I must confess that I can't wait for Christmas in America because I am dying for a latte from River Maiden

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Daily London

This is a picture of the London Eye . You can see the eye from the kitchen window of my flat, the quality of the picture is not that great because its so far away and I had to practically hang upside down out the window to take it. However, looking from my window the eye is crystal clear and at night it lights up the skyline and glows with colors of purple and blue.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Daily London

Remaining wall of an old castle being preserved next to modern buildings.

London, England

Weekend in Ireland: Part Two

The second day in Ireland was certainly full of adventure! We left our hostel early in the morning and drove for almost two hours to Killarney, where we planned on kayaking and biking around the forest. By the time we arrived in Killarney the weather had shifted considerably and it was bitterly cold and VERY windy (apparently it was a record warm weather day for Ireland in October).Because it was so windy and due to the fact that I was battling a bad case of the flu it was decided that I should not go kayaking and risk getting sicker; therefore while everyone else was on the lake, I was in town enjoying a cappuccino and rhubarb pie! When I returned to the designated meeting area in the forest, we discovered that the rest of the girls had been blown so hard by the wind that they had capsized and were completely off course; one of the girls was able to make it back to shore but search and rescue helicopters had to be called in to locate the other girls and bring them as it turns out the flu saved me from a disastrous kayaking trip! Once most of the girls were back on shore (the last girl took about three hours to be located and united with the rest of us) we set out on a hiking trip through Torc Mt. I absolutely loved hiking through Torc, the views and surrounding nature were breathtaking and the air smelled so clean and crisp compared to the nasty polluted London air. Once we were done with the hike, we drove back to Cork and had another amazing night of dinner and dancing in Irish pubs!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Daily London

Black taxi in China Town, London

weekend in Ireland: Part One

Weekend in Ireland: Part One

Hello Everyone!

I just got home (London) from spending a lovely weekend in Ireland and I had such a fantastic time that I am already planning my next trip there! The first night that we arrived we checked into the Bru Hostel in Cork Ireland. If you are ever travling through Cork and are on a tight budget then I highly recommend staying at the Bru, each room is en-suite (so you dont have to share your bathroom with a bunch of random strangers) and the fascilites are very clean and nicely kept. The Bru also serves as pub, so the nightlife is really great and on Friday nights they have live bands. The first night is Cork was a calm one, after checking into the Bru we went for a nice dinner at the Gourmet Burger Bistro (DELICIOUS), then had a drink at one of the local pubs and then headed to bed early to rest up for the adventures of the next day...check out tomorrows blog to here all about our hiking and kayaking adventures!